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Special Interview with Aldo Swastia & Rahabi Mandra , Film Kadet 1947


Today, the film Kadet 1947 has done a screening for the media and is planned to be screened simultaneously on Indonesian cinema screens that have met the requirements on November 25, 2021.   The following is a continuation of the […]

kadet 1947 nuty laraswaty

Today, the film Kadet 1947 has done a screening for the media and is planned to be screened simultaneously on Indonesian cinema screens that have met the requirements on November 25, 2021.

Aldo Swastiarahabi mandra nuty laraswaty


The following is a continuation of the previous QA by Nuty Laraswaty

July 29 is a sacred date for the Air Force considering that date is commemorated as the Air Force’s Service Day.

Related to this, the film Cadet 1947 carries this spirit, which with all the existing limitations, uses looted aircraft against the Dutch who have violated the agreement.

Q: What’s interesting about this 1947 film Cadet is that it was directed by both of you. Can you tell me about this?

Rahabi Mandra

When it was agreed that this film would be made, we both realized that this film is a big film, which must be very well prepared. From there, the time they have is very short, only half a year. So the producer team felt that this was not easy if it was only directed by one person, it would be better if the team was divided, with each focusing on one thing, so if it was creatively duplicated it would be more effective. Aldo and I had previously collaborated at the 2018 Asean Games, together with the producers, so it’s like we are four like-minded people.

The joys and sorrows, when we shoot, it’s the director’s job to shoot the action, cut and then correct. The two of us have agreed on this, we have to be one voice first, don’t make a fuss in the middle of the crew/cast. Once upon a time there was a scene that had been cut, and we both felt that it wasn’t very good or not very bad. So we both have no corrections at all, but want to repeat. We both walked to the set because we had been waiting, thinking. So when we were on set we both became a spectacle, the crew saw it, I thought Aldo wanted to talk, then I backed off. Eh, Aldo also backed off. So we’re back together again. Wow, everyone immediately laughed, look at the behavior of the two of us.

The hardest experience for me is the pandemic. We both had logs and when the pandemic hit. We both have to make production adjustments, so the scenario has to change. The producer invites us to chat slowly while explaining this. Things like this are fun, but we don’t want to do it again.

Aldo Swastia

Constraints during the production process are almost non-existent. However, because the mission is to make a good film, so the two of us…the four of us together with the producer, stay focused on that. We don’t defend each other’s ego, we can suppress the ego. Even my idea was perfected by Rahabi.

The four of us in general feel the pressure to produce this film is very high. So yes, it’s also natural, if someone then becomes emotional. But we can act calmly so that it doesn’t seem like it’s ruining the production process.

But we have advantages in overcoming obstacles, for example related to the pandemic earlier. Precisely when this scenario changes, we feel, this is what should be done. So this change actually strengthens the storyline.

Q : Is there a certain kind of film that is used as a reference for this film?

Aldo Swastia;

For reference, we pay attention to war movies like Pearl Harbor, Midway. For non-war, a lot. We also pay attention because we need story his. Ohya Usmar Ismail is also our reference.

Rahabi Mandra;

We want to offer new ones too, so as many references as possible, will make this film unique. There is one scene that will be done, our reference material is the Stoker film (red: psychological thriller genre).

So there is a reference that we only take style it’s okay, we have something to take story line , so everywhere and historians and research teams also offer references, even producers also provide references to help perfect.

Thus the explanation about the film Cadet 1947.

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